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♥Be Friend With Me

Hey guys all around the world. As you can see I made a friend policy because I think its really a nice way to remember people.

Well i will start with my introduction.
My name is Melina Gurung. I am currently living in UK. I am 17 years old who has passion over fashion.food.kpop.art.dance. I love making new friends because me, myself has quite shy personality sometimes so if you share the same interest then we might go well together.  I actually started writing journals because i thought it was a great way to express my love for eunhae/haehyuk couple. My bias is little fishy donghae from Super Junior. Other than Superjunior, I also like Exo, Shinee, Beast, BigBang, Block B.

                  Well, ye. That's it from me..kkekeke....If you want to ask anything then feel free to ask it. Because I love answering question. *If it is easy one* ;P

So here goes the question.

1. What is your name?
2.Where are you living?How old are you?
3.Why do you want/wanted to be friend with me?
4. Who is your bias in super junior?
5.Anything You would like to ask me?

Hope you guys will answer these questions And Nice meeting you/..
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Impossible or Possible

Title- Impossible or Possible
Pairing-Hyukhae, not sure about other pairings.
Genre- Against, Friendship, Fluff, Romance,
Warning- swearing, grammer and spelling mistakes.
Summary-  Donghae is nerd of the collage and Eunhyuk is the most handsome guy in the collage. After 7 years, Donghae had to leave Seoul and go to different place to find a guy which has been problem to his mum but what happens when he tries to find that guy,he finds Eunhyuk.  Donghae had always wanted to meet him from 7 years. What would happen to donghae when he finds out that Eunhyuk  was already married guy. Is their Love going to be Possible or Impossible.

Chapter 3Collapse )
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♥L O V E- S T O R Y

Title- L O V E- S T O R Y
Length- 6/?
Rating- PG
Genre- Fluff, Romance,cute
Pairing- Hyukhae, Kyumin-side
Warning- Kissing might get included,swearing. And GRAMMER and SPELLING mistake~
Summary - Donghae is someone who is
learning to be a film director, despite working in a love movie industry he is a true non-believer of love or romance with total crazy personality. Eunhyuk is someone is who is a son of famous director and himself being the director and crazy love fan, he is lovable guy and is happy with what he got his boyfriend, his family, his career. What would happen when they both meet in cinema and has very bad first impression bad meeting, what will happen when they will meet in same workplace, how are they going to be friends, colleagues, work-friends, or even couple?

Chapter 6

Read more to find out....Collapse )
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